Cooling Towers

Tower Tech Cooling Towers

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Tower Tech Cooling Towers Tower Tech manufactures premium quality wet cooling towers for high value industrial processes, for power generation, and for comfort cooling applications. Our robust, non-corrosive Modular Cooling Tower™ has been specified by more than a thousand discerning users worldwide who demand the best in cooling tower efficiency, mechanical reliability, and redundancy. Tower

Thermal Care Cooling Towers

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Thermal Care Cooling Towers FT Series Fiberglass Cooling Towers (38 to 120 Tons) from Thermal Care A cooling tower is known as an evaporative heat rejection device. These cooling devices tend to be able to significantly lower water temperatures compared to other air cooled or dry heat rejection systems. By utilizing these industrial systems, the

The Cooling Tower Company

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The Cooling Tower Company The Cooling Tower Company has over 50,000 tons of cooling installed in North America. The first towers we sold are still in operation today. Cooling Towers The Cooling Tower Company manufactures cooling towers of the following materials: Galvanized Steel 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Galvanized (hot-dipped after fabrication) CTI Approved

Cooling Tower Systems

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Cooling Tower Systems Cooling Tower Systems has manufactured cooling tower lines and related equipment for over 40 years, with five different models in production. We are the oldest, full service fiberglass cooling tower manufacturer in business today. All CTS cooling towers are designed, engineered and tested by our own factory research and development laboratory.