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GP Energy Products has the most experienced boiler service and repair experts in the Delaware Valley. Each expert brings a robust range of skill sets and knowledge gained from a combination of professional training and hands-on experience. Troubleshooting is the first step in identifying the issues, and many times the troubleshooting can be conducted on-site with facility experts. Our team of experts can offer expert troubleshooting advice 24/7.

Our Boiler Boys “How-To” series is the first of several Knowledge Center information tools designed to help customers maintain and protect the investment in their boiler system equipment. 

Equipment Articles/Videos

Burnham Boilers

The Boiler Boys take a road trip to determine which boiler will be the right equipment for their customer’s brewery operation. Ride along as they visit the Burnham production facility to see how these high-quality boilers are made! This quick video gives you a quick preview of the manufacturing process and provides information on:

  • The Burnham Series 3 Steam & Hot Water Boiler
  • The Burnham C Series Fully Packaged Boiler
  • The Burnham Series 4S Wetback Fire Tube Boiler with an Enlarged Furnace
  • The Burnham Series 4FH Steam & Water Boiler

Reillo Array Boiler

Touted as The Perfect Solution for prepackaged boilers, The Boiler Boys  open up a 1000 MBH unit and highlight the features engineered into this boiler package that is setting new standards in boiler efficiency, redundancy, and reliability.

Reillo Array Boiler

AMP Condensing Boilers

The Boiler Boys address the two main benefits of the highly efficient Thermal Solutions AMP Boiler. This 6-minute video addresses serviceability and the unique, compact design of the unit.