Industrial Boiler Sales & Replacements

GP Energy Products is an established, full service boiler sales, service, replacement and new installation provider.  We have the resources and capabilities to handle virtually any type of heating project involving boilers.  Our heating system experts will work with your facility experts to examine your process infrastructure to provide the services needed to keep your processes running efficiently.   If boiler replacement becomes necessary, GP Energy Products can provide customized boiler procurement, project scheduling, field installation and testing services resulting in a quick, clean and seamless process change over. Contact GP Energy Products today if you are in need of our industrial boiler services.


Can I use condensing boilers in an existing building?

  • Condensing boilers can be used in an existing building if the average water temperature of the hot water system is 130°F or below.  If the condensing boiler manufacturer  provides units for higher temperatures,  then the condensing boiler will lose its efficiency and the process would be better served using a standard boiler.

What type of boiler should I use?

  • There are several things to consider when replacing a boiler. Generally iron products are best suited for building applications. GP Energy Products will review your system, your process and your budget and marke the right recommendation for you.

Why should I consider cast iron?

  • Cast iron is generally a good, simple and cost effective solution.  The rigors of your system need to be evaluated so there is no risk of thermal shock.

What is thermal shock?

  • Thermal shock is a quick injection of cold water into the warm water system.  If thermal shock is a concern then steel boilers should be considered.