Underground Piping Specialists

Servicing heating process delivery systems takes the specialists at GP Energy Products above and below ground. We offer a complete line of pre-insulated, pre-fabricated, and pre-engineered piping and conduit systems for steam, hot water, and containment systems. We work closely with the manufacturer to identify the right piping solution for your system and provide assurances that the piping meets stringent manufacturing quality controls and is then engineered for the right heating process application.

• High Temperature Conduit Piping
• Foam Piping
• Containment Piping
• Flexible Pre-Insulated Piping


What is containment piping? 

  • Containment piping systems are engineered to contain fluids within the piping system that could leak out of the primary pipe.  GP Energy Products works with underground piping experts to design systems that prevent materials from endangering personnel or contaminating the soil, ground water or air.

Can piping systems be engineered to carry dissimilar products to the same location?

  • Yes, there are times that more than one underground  inner pipe can transport several products to the same location. Multiple carrier pipes can be made of different materials, and special supports guide the pipes allowing them to expand and contract without over-stressing them or the fittings or interfering with each other.

Are there options in pre-insulated carrier piping, and what determines the right type of  pre-insulated piping product?

  • There are a number of options when it comes to selecting the insulation for the pre-insulated piping for your system.  What insulation to use depends on the location, space available, the type of covering, the temperatures both within and outside the system, outer jacketing options,  placement (above or below ground), size and weight, and most importantly, performance characteristics for they heating process system.